The Brave New World of Web 3.0

The Brave New World of Web 3.0

There's been a lot of changes recently to SEO, SEM and IM in general. With those not mutually exclusive. They all seem to lend a hand to each other. is run by Old School IM'ers ( Pre-2000's ). Doesn't mean we're old, just mean we know a good thing when you see it. The normal traditional "job" or Just Over Broke methods of earning money are quickly dying out, as the stress levels of workers is rising. A quote from a book, "In the future, we'll all take longer showers." Meaning stress will start to affect us all at some point in our lives. Why not take that sine wave of a personal income graph and make it linear?  Smooth out the rough spots.

What we like to do is create systems, systems in place that help gather wealth and funnel it towards our bank accounts. So all of our experiences over the years can be yours and our tips and tricks to help us smooth out the rough spots, we'll let you in.

Over the years, Internet Marketing products there's been a lot of "loop-holes" promoted, which eventually get fixed!   What's tested? What still works?

With new technologies & methods always on the horizon that promise the moon and stars, but really only deliver luke-warm results. The real question is which method to follow? We have an idea of how a truth in Marketing will come about, again.

We don't want to push the pie in the sky results, and we're not going to Fake it until we make it. We live quite comfortably, we don't use alarm clocks in the morning and we are less stressed.

The new Web 3.0 will be a return to Online Marketing.. A time when less stress was a thing. We're not saying this isn't an exciting time!  We're all geeks at heart!

Join us and explore the results.

The Brave New World of Web 3.0