Web 3.0

what exactly is web 3.0, when we're only really up to web 2.0. Well its the logical evolution to web 2.0. Social Networking sites were the elements of Web 2.0. This because perhaps some internet gurus wanted the Internet bubble to continue and the burst was a falsehood.

Web 3.0 is what we think is going to happen, the big name players (Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace) will be trimmed down. Because really your business may need them to promote and possibly get some extra traffic but is it really qualified traffic. Potential buyers of your products/services or really just websurfers.

Now we don't discount Web 2.0 but with all this exciting new technology we're out searching for the next big thing. We will advise our clients to partake in Web 2.0. But not to put all their eggs in one basket.