With all the buzz about social networking lately (Twitter, Facebook) one has to wonder what exactly has come about with SEO ( aka Search Engine Optimization ) with everyone and their “Magic bullet”

Search engine optimization consulting has sprung up everywhere. And it seems everyone and their dog is doing it lately. Back in the day when we first started SEO was simple. The big bully of the internet back then wasn’t Google. But Yahoo was the big dog at that time. Yahoo which stands for You Always Have Other Options did act much like Google is today!

There is also a lot of buzz on how to cheat Google, something which we don’t condone. Taking a sensible approach to SEO is the only way. Really it is a common sense strategy to alert the search engines that you have a site of value worth viewing and it takes time. Having your site using a cluster strategy help in the rankings? Yes it will, but not going over board nor will it by cheating.

Search engine optimization submission is the key, getting well thought out keywords and descriptions but not going over board. Having a page and a half of every possible keyword known to man does not work. Plus also it gets confusing. Think about all the submissions search engines get on a daily basis.

So take your time and submit to the various search engines and check often no matter what system you prefer using. Sure we can say use our services instead but if money is tight, why not try this yourself. But if you feel you are going under with the pressure then give us a shout.

We’re not guru$ in any sense of the word, not trying to hard sell you on things you do not need to be active on-line. There are a lot of things one can do by themselves and we alert our clients to what they can and should be doing. Because after all, your success is something you have control over. Not just leaving it to the guru$ and hoping and praying.