Trying to survive in a NoFollow world.

Trying to survive in a NoFollow world.

Lately there’s been a lot of buzz regarding DoFollow links, how Google loves them because it defines “The ultimate user experience”.  And also this is part of Google’s all mighty algorithmic code which defines Page Rank and SERP. And which they change up to 400 times per year, or like in the past May Day fiasco change the algorithm all together.

So why then are most the links around there NoFollow? Why do so many websites disallow Google to do its job then? In my research (which is why I haven’t posted much lately) I’ve found that these websites owners are shutting down the taps because of (wait for it...) SPAM..

They claim spam is what is keeping them from allowing DoFollow links from their websites, to cut down on the amount of spam they are experiencing.  Because if you have a PR1 or 5 site you will inevitably get spam. That’s the whole nature of the beast I guess. But why not just beef up their websites security then, Akismet is available for all to use. So why not use it, as well there’s a whole buffet of anti-spam plugins and programs available.

Also another big factor is Google’s algorithm includes these comments (not spam but regular legit comments), so the question remains why aren’t these renegade websites not allowing DoFollow linking? Are they so against Link Juicing? Why aren’t they playing fair? And why is Google not punishing those who don’t allow DoFollow links?

How will websites gain the much needed PR to rise up the ranks on Google and the other search engines?

Leave your comments below with a DoFollow link, yeah we'll check them out the "old fashioned" way before allowing. (The way it should be..)

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  1. I can relate to the fear of being overwhelmed with spam. I get my share of it, even though my sites aren’t (yet) as popular as some others. But like you said, there is a “buffet” of spam-killers. Askimet does indeed catch a lot of it for me. I also use WP Ban — diligently adding offending IPs. It works so well, that one site owner whose blog I had commented on recently, couldn’t get through! She sent me an email requesting permission to visit and noted that being blocked made her all the more enthusiastic about seeing what my site had to offer! 🙂

    Like you, I believe having a do-follow blog rewards those who leave comments. So I remain committed to doing due diligence in the war on spam so my legitimate commenters can have their say. Thanks for voicing your opinion on this.

    BTW, The post she left a comment on was How Evergreen Is Your Local Business Content?

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