Back links Vs Bookmarks

Back links Vs Bookmarks

I realize this is going to ruffle some feathers, but for a long time I have heard about how web visitors will link to your site. That is how one of the biggest search engines believes how your site will become visible to the rest of the world and popular.

My problem with that way of thinking is its does not happen every time, either nobody has a website to be linked to your awesome fabulous page (that may solve world peace or even cure some deadly disease). Sure most people do have some social media page that they can make quick posts on.

But does that really mean they have the know how or the will to even link to you no matter how important you site/story is. Most people will look like a deer in the head lights if you even utter the term “SEO” to them.

So if we take a look at the amount of visitors to your website, lets say half have a social media type site. Do you think they even know how to link back to your site? Do you think they even care? What happens if their topic off of their site does not mesh with your subject? What would possess people to link back to your site?

The answer is, you don't know...

My point is most viewers to your site are just that, web browsers or surfers. They aren't webmasters like you. So they don't think like or they don't care about linking back.  They want the information to solve their problem and then POOF they're gone. You may pick up a few loyal readers here and there, but you cannot make them link back to you and if they do they BOOKMARK.

They bookmark which adds NOTHING to your link juice for your site rising in the ranks. The web browsers or surfers (or whatever the term is you prefer) have always known about Bookmarks or Favorites. But that does not do a single thing for your ratings. Which is what the biggest search engine(thus far) keeps saying that it will help you gain traffic.

The whole concept when boiled down is nothing more than a popularity contest for your site. The more people who link to your site the more organic traffic you get. But there in lies the problem. How to you get the backlinks when most often people only bookmark your site?

But then throw into the mix the fact that said search engine does not like it when the webmaster(namely you) goes out to find blogs and websites where you could either leave a relevant comment with a link back to your site on. Your backlinks come too quickly you get penalized, Your backlinks you have do not enough relevance... you get penalized.

Have you thought about maybe even striking up a conversation with the other webmaster about a reciprocal linking. And get some generic traffic back. It helps with getting backlinks from sites who have good ranking sites already. But trying to get a audience with webmasters who are doing well and asking for a backlink back to your new or struggling site. Does not always work..

So what about paying for backlinks, is that good? Nope.. The big search engine does not like that either (even thou they offer one of their products that does exactly that!) You can mix it in with your backlinking efforts but beware a lot of these sites leave “foot prints” and can easily be found.. Then you get penalized again.

How does one get backlinks back to their site? Grovel, beg or ask for them? I'm not suggesting you lower your standards to get back links. I'm not suggesting that you break the rules. I'm suggesting however to look for other methods to get your backlinks. Don't rely on just one source of traffic. If that traffic source were to dry up tomorrow, what would you do?

And that happens four times per year and up to 400 times that very same year with changes to a algorithm are made. So how to protect yourself?

Well thank goodness for social media. Create a page for your business and creating interesting headlines with some hash tags can help in creating instant traffic. And what is best of all, is it is free!

I should add a disclaimer, Adding links back to your site will help you get human readers but you won't get any link juice from it from the bots. They have made sure of this, as a result claiming some have abused this in the past..

Is there a point to this rant, yes of course. The point is write for humans, but be weary of the web bots who crawl your site. Keeping a well updated XML sitemap(if you use WordPress there are plug-ins for that.)

These simple methods will help you increase your traffic amount, but nothing short of being underhanded will be the miracle answer.

Always be linking is about the best suggestion anyone can give. Include social media in to your marketing mix as PR will soon become QR (Quality Rank) and the game will all but change yet again...

All in all do not put all your eggs in one basket, because one day a change will shake up the hen house... and you'll be left with a mess!

Back links Vs Bookmarks