Old school Marketing

When I first started online back in 1994 (just after the Internet was released to the general public after serving colleges for years and before then as a  military application before that circa 1965). I saw a real need for the internet to be incorporated into the Marketing Mix. So while my friends were all out partying and clubbing. I focused on the Internet and how it reach a lot more as many people than just offline marketing and would compliment the offline marketing methods. Many sleepless late nights until 4AM with meetings at 9AM.

What I did back then is what I call "Marketing Online" it was all the techniques I had learned about offline marketing but applied it to online. Which nobody was doing at that time.  And it was totally unheard of and a lot of colleagues said that the Internet was just a fad. Yes, a fad that has been around since 1965...

But then around 2005 there has been a change. A total mindset change in marketing.. Now it's called Internet Marketing. It is completely different what what I was used to doing. But it makes a lot of sense thou.

The big difference from what I see is with Marketing Online you had a product then you found the buyers for your product. You could of used things like print ads, radio, if you really had deep pockets for a 30 second TV ad. Plus also back then I was using CPM, CPC, and in 2000 it was CPA (which was just beginning.)

Now these days with the shift on to Internet Marketing the big thing is to  find the buyers or traffic source ( or  buying group ) then match them up with the products. And it can be just about anything. Where ever people have a problem and they need a solution you can match it up to that particular group.

So with the addition of Internet Marketing I have seen a lot of disinformation floating about and nobody really having much of a clue as to what is next. Or even a discussion what should be next (hence the web 3.0 comments on this site). As this is always evolving we do need a serious discussion rather than letting one company or group deciding what we should be doing. Then changing it mid way and making a really big mess out if it. And no fixes on the way..

The (I don't want to say lies, but inaccuracies) ones I always enjoy reading are the "loop holes" with the search engines. And then when they they're  sold as long term solutions.  The honest marketers discuss how they will be loop holes will be eventually plugged once found out. (So beware!! best to stay with the tried and true methods!)

I'm guilty myself of listening to these new fads or whatever you want to call them. As this website was made on the basis of inaccurate information regarding Aged Domain Names fad.  Lots of people spent a lot of money on domain names that had several years. And what became of that, well Mr Cutts announced that there was no real special attention or credence  given to Aged Domain names in the search results. It makes you wonder exactly who really benefited on that one.. (hmmm, Domain Name resellers perhaps??)

Some say marketers shouldn't berate topics, or companies. I do agree to a point, but if you do not have a open discussion on those topics how do people know that what they are following is manure? And which programs or suggestions to continue?

I always preach Old School Marketing methods matched up with the newer Internet Marketing techniques they have been proven, work online and off line. And when done right they work beautifully.

Old school Marketing