Old School Marketing 2

Old School Marketing

What I have noticed is a shift in the mindset of some marketers.  The almighty quick buck has taken control of them.. I'm not GURU$ bashing, ( To each their own. )  Seriously I'm not. I've even worked for a GURU once to see how they really worked. My own little Spy episode into the GURU world.

My only concern is the amount of disinformation that is floating around.  I could blame the GURU$, but I won't. Since this is truly this is the Wild West Web these days. All I am stating is some of the old methods still work best still.

Many of the newer systems that we currently take for granted such as Clickbank, Amazon and even Paypal were not around prior to 2005. When Internet Marketing really I think was born. Even search engine optimization has changed, back then all you needed to do was to stay away from keyword stuffing.  Now you have to worry about search engine marketing, on site SEO, off site SEO and the list continues.

Back then the big example was that you needed an Credit Card bank account with ( I was quoted )around $30,000 in the bank before they would allow you to take credit cards on your site. These days just go to Paypal.com and get a button and you could be making money that very day.

A lot of good has come out of this shift since 2005, Marketers now have a luxury now they might not have once have. Plus nobody could have predicted the latest social media craze.

So now we are still in a popularity contest state with regards to traffic, since I think nobody really know how this will all pan out. What I do think is the future of SEO is Page Rank will soon die off ( since really only just one Search Engine is using this method of ranking. ) and there are rumors of a QR or Quality Rank will replace that. But what about strategic internet marketing?

But it would still rely on the popularity contest of traffic sources. Where a voting style system would determine what rankings your website gets. So should you rush out and join every known possible web 2.0 site there is?

That's for you to decide, I think not every site can benefit from such web 2.0 sites as Twitter. But you have to take a serious look at how the traffic will get to your site. Plus another factor is where are your readers going to see your info. Because it is very disheartening if you give some really great information that other's will benefit from. Yet nobody reads it..

So back on Old School Marketing like the thread is titled because after all that's why you are reading this.  What can we learn from the good old days?  One thing I have always tried to do is give 80% good content this can be debated but what website owners should be doing is giving information that can possibly help people in your niche and 20% sales to help fund the site.

Some say give 6 months of no sales ads, links or anything. But 6 months is a long time for someone just starting out.  Others claim just getting indexed then going full force on sales is the way to go. I think there's a happy medium of getting indexed then slowing introducing sales links..etc to your site.

Photos and graphics have always been the integral part of a website. People need to see since we're mostly visual not just dry reading. Because after all its the people you need to either educate on the benefits of your product or services. And not the search engines.

Some seem to forget their readers which are the most important aspect of your website, they can make or break your site. SEO is needed but do not solely focus on just SEO alone. As many mistake have been made...