The other day I posted something about how some thought I was considered a Pioneer, simply because I started way back then in 1994, on what was called Marketing Online or Online Marketing.

Before Amazon,

Before eBay,

Before PayPal,

Before JVZOO,

Before Warrior Forum,

And I know some will be shocked, even before FaceCrack..

Breathe, Yes, there was an internet before FaceCrack!

The Internet started back in 1965 as a Military application for communications, they went on to form their own form of the Internet, much more secure, and basically left the Universities have at it for a few decades before it became a civilian aka consumer based free for all.  The ( WWW ) Wild, Wild Web!

Some have even tried to correct me, remembering that they had a modem that sounded like a bunch of bytes were being slaughtered while trying to reach the internet in 1991. I mean really what's three years???

They can all have another paint chip, and smile!

Then, Y2K, the Year 2000, the year that the Internet was thought to break, the year that air planes with failing computers would be falling from the skies. And computers wouldn't start.

And then..


All that really happened, was the Dot Com Bubble bursting, making a very select few a lot of money.

After that, was the Internet Dark Ages..

Then back in 2004, it all changed.  The old Online Marketing quickly made way to the new Internet Marketing.  Basically pre-2004 you had the horse,aka the market, pulling the cart, aka the products. Then with Internet Marketing you placed the cart before the horse, using the products to find a market.

2004 it all changed, now you didn't need $30,000 for credit card payments, you didn't need to solely battle with the Big G, as they screamed "just say no to Paid Traffic, but here's Adwords.."

There were tons of products out back then, products that would promise the moon and stars and only deliver space dust.. Marketers were still trying to figure out their systems.  It was almost as if it was a free for all brawl with everyone trying to sell all sorts of methods of how to make money. The one thing that most failed to mention was you really needed a lot of money to make money.

Systems change, loop holes get plugged and bugs get squashed. So what has stayed working and what will work these days?

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