June 1 2016

June 1 2016

June 1 2016: Thought we'd update the old gal today, it's been awhile. This website that we created back in 2000 was just left running.

So in short, I basically walked away from the category Internet Marketing, IM,  back in 2011, left the lights on and just closed the door. Mainly my Life got in my way.. Yes, life was a distraction for me, I found that I fall into ruts so easily. Whoops, just fell into another rut just now, talking about falling into ruts..

6 years and so much happening. Many of my loved Family members passing in the span of a single year. Enemies, aka people I dated, attacking me and finally the stalkers. I'm just going to leave it at that..

After all that,  I found someone special and moving in with them, moving into my very first ever apartment in a new city, not realizing that we were also sharing the apartment with 7 different insects, including yes, Bed Bugs..  all under contract ( My first and last time of living in an apartment. ) And that less than desirable neighbor who moves in and becomes the all new local crack dealer.... "HEY, Buddy, let me in!" was a common shout at 1:30AM..

Back on IM,

With IM I have always felt a disassociation, sometimes it felt dirty, like you had to lie in order to make any sort of sales with IM. Some promoting the "low hanging fruit" mentality, as I called it. I feel it gets in the way. I mean, How can you help people make money, to smooth out those rough spots in their financial future?  Some people only want to hear about the Pure Opulence..etc.  I didn't want the big mansion with the big cars and the Lear Jets parked out on the south lawn facing the run way for that quick the weekend get away.

Why not just be just less stressed??

It's been suggested by a few people that  I am a Pioneer, simply because of when I started back in the day. Back then it was known as Online Marketing, only have basically changed everything back in 2004 to now what's known now  as Internet Marketing.

Because of that "Pioneer" status, some felt I should start teaching.  I've never liked the Lime Light and being thrown into the spot light isn't for me.  I couldn't see myself as this "guru" so I backed away from IM slowly until I finally left it all behind.

Then on top of everything else, discovering that I was stressing myself out, yes, being my own worst enemy and not even realizing it, I would always take action yet the systems that I put my faith into, Failed.  It was mainly I didn't truly believe in any of them. Always pushing for that brass ring.. or another new distraction came a long..

I prefer my life now in a modest home, not having to wake up via an alarm clock every single morning. Not stressing out driving to work, oh great there's a pile up on the highway..

Planning my day around what I want to do and not what someone wants me to do. Some home project or Traveling when I want to. That is a much more relaxing life style that I can manage.

That is why I am returning to IM! I feel the time is right now. And the right products are now available and the Market is ripe!