Your focus determines your reality

“Your focus determines your reality,”

This quote is from the 1999 movie Star Wars The Phantom Menace spoken by character Qui-Gon Jin.. Ugh, Jedi. While I disagree with the Jedi as as a whole, I do like the saying. I'm also not wanting to get into anything religious..  😉

I see a correlation between the above quote and another post I wrote back from 2010 featuring audio from 1950's From Earl Nightingale speech. A very poignant view of why those succeed and why those fail.

At the time of this writing 01/6/2017, I'm reading a lot about how we're all going into this whole shift between ethics, both work and personal and even a huge shift on a societal mindset.

It's almost as if the world is starting to wake up. I post that with a bit of a cringiness ( made up word, I know ), it's doubtful if those that are asleep will ever wake up. Some like being asleep most of their lives, continuing to follow any one. I've met people with million dollar ideas, just not want to follow through to their dreams/goals. Or claim to have no time to commit to that ideal.

Lately I've been meeting people that they know what their issue is, or what it's costing them and they just don't want to fix it. Perhaps they love to complain about the issue more than to apply a solution to fix their issue.

Or is it that we've all been sold on a "Easy Button" ?

Give a listen to what Earl says, I ignore the religious comments when I listen, yet I do listen of the context of what the comments are. Also this advice is good for any Gender!
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