Asking one’s self better questions

I have always been a firm believer in asking yourself better questions,

It is so easy to go down a dark thought process. Get upset or even depressed, get on medicines. Then where is all that productivity gone then?

We are usually taught at a young age that you can't do what you dream, to grow up quickly. Get good grades in school, get a good job ( Job is defined as Just Over Broke! ). Get the little house with a white picket fence, and the dog leaving lawn mines in the front yard..

Sometimes your life is all laid out for you. And to ensure that happens, you are bombarded constantly with insults or even loads of manure just dropped on your head. When your older you get the same load, but not from teachers, yet from an employer or even religious leaders..

So how can we reverse all that... The answer is asking yourself better questions. Not "Why did I let myself get into this fiasco?" but rather "What can I do to get out of this mess?"

If you are stuck, try asking yourself "What can I do to get out from under this mess?" (or something else that is more in tune with yourself)  See what happens, see if the answers don't start flooding your mind. What have others done to get from out of the hole.

I've found that once you start asking better questions, you'll get better answers. It may not come right away at first, it will take some time. The reason is you've probably shut it off for so long, it's like a stuck tap in a old kitchen, now rusted. It won't open easily.

You may even have to reconnect with your higher self, not talking about ego or anything. However most of the time ego, is our biggest problem. I'm not talking religion, or even spirituality.  We all have a connection to others and this planet, nobody can dispute that the earth aka "Gaia" is a living entity ( OK, some spirituality.. ).

Why reinvent the wheel?  Why waste all that time reinventing a tool or something that works?

Whomever or whatever you can connect with, just listen, you can decide later to take the advice or not.

Get over yourself, stick your ego in neutral and ask why the flow of advice stopped. Be honest with yourself. Because your not doing yourself any favors lying to yourself!

Asking one's self better questions