Why I stopped giving advice

My clients have varied over the years, some were dream clients and others,  well others, others were absolute nightmares. Have you ever asked yourself why you put yourself through these extraordinary circumstances?

Why would you do it to yourself? I feel some people have a deep desire for that drama.

Dream clients paid their invoices on time, never haggled, just asked politely what to do next, or how to get themselves out that sticky situation they've found themselves in. They generally wanted to work with me solving their problems. Which only pushed me further to do a better job. I always tried to go above and beyond for the client, all my clients, to a degree..

The nightmare clients, called, harassed, not just me, but my suppliers, or the companies I sometimes work with. Then I've had to enact damage control, by calling the companies and explaining, also sometimes apologizing for the client's bad behavior. That happened more time than I care to remember..

Or the Over-bearing clients, want to watch every second of what you're doing, what time you're doing it, and for what length of time.

The clients I've asked, if they've ever hired an electrician and then told them exactly how to do their jobs. Not just what you want repaired. i.e. broken light switch fixed.

Or the plumber, who shows up because of a broken sewer line, as a customer, personally I just want it fixed.  I'm not a big fan of free flowing sewage in my basement.. Nothing personal, just something I don't want to have happen ever again!!!

But those nightmare clients, telling me how to do my job in Marketing, are frustrating to say the least.  Some clients demanded that I show up to their place of business Monday to Friday 9-5. To which I've stated "I am NOT your employee, the contract states that very clearly!".  In the past, I've even had to fire clients, simply due to their complete unruliness. Not just my opinion of them either..

It was weird firing a client, but I did it.

In the past I've even had some clients tell me to shut up when passing along advice about business related issues. So I only point out Best Practices and the give references from the research I've done in the past. Only to fall on deaf ears.  Then whine and complain that they're currently receiving no traffic after being penalized by the search engines.

Those clients would put their blinders back up, stuff even more cotton in their ears and securely cover their eyes.  They would often wonder why their businesses were failing.

For example the search engines will stop indexing your website, effectively killing your business.  Because you've warned your client of the dangers and they've ignored your warnings.. And they forged ahead, only to hit that brick wall.

You can only explain things so much, until your repeating yourself over and over. Trying to do the right thing by explaining the dangers and pit falls of not using best practices. I would send links in emails, explaining in detail what it was I was discussing with the client.  For some it was the fact of fear of change, and they had to come to terms with the truth. Until they came to terms..

Which is why..

Why I stopped giving advice