Marketing Idiocy 3.5.1

Toilet Paper

Ok there you have it, the stupidest thing I've read in all my years in IM. Paraphrasing here because I really don't want/need to give this person any sort of promotion, at all. To be brutally honest, It would physically cause me pain to do so.. The latest Marketing Idiocy 3.5.1..

The ad read "Get SEO clients, before you even know SEO!"  I'm seriously paraphrasing here, I read it this the other morning and still laughing about it today. Touting BS saying that you can get clients, before you even know how to perform SEO, or even know what it exactly is. It is what I feel is the root cause of the over saturation of this so called Industry. No wonder people think SEO is a scam. Because with BS like that, it is a scam, IMHO!

I feel you need a certain propensity to perform SEO, or even to be a Webmaster / Mistress.  Keeping up with all the latest demands/ rhetoric from the Search Engines, Best Practices, ensuring you don't get de-indexed over night, only to discover in the morning there's no traffic..

Here's a similar scenario, "Doctor's Get Patients, Before you become a Doctor!"  I have Dr Nick's voice from the Simpsons in my head right now, do you?? "Hi Everybody!"

Or a Mechanic, "Mechanics, Get clients before, you know how twist a wrench!"  That would explain all the crappy cars out on the streets these days.. Yet, blame the smartphones for making the idiot drivers, not to mention police cars with laptops, distracted driving much, officer??

Lately I've been finding it more and more difficult to find reasonably priced paid ads at auction to promote our various businesses. And the one keyword I am completely shocked at is SEO, Search Engine Optimization "SEO" which now stands for Something Everyone Offers!  Which forces others to use other keywords and eventually hypes those keyword sets through the roof as well.

When I first started in 1994, it was called Marketing Online, and SEO was then called Information Organization ( or at least how I described it ). It was Common Sense to have all your information clearly laid out for the Search Engines to retrieve your website's information to help ensure a targeted audience. Back then, we only had to worry about Keyword stuffing, yes, that was a thing back then..

These days some promoted SEO as some Super Secret Squirrely Society thing. Complete with a secret handshake and the occasional blood letting. Maybe they should of included Trepanning, to relieve the stress on the brain and let all the demons out..

Got a Corkscrew, anybody??  ( Only for wine, not trepanning... )

Marketing Idiocy 3.5.1