We created 1MediaZone.com back in 2000 as a result of the ever changing internet marketing aspect(s). We saw on the horizon a new bold future, since then after the internet bubble burst. And the select few got wealthy.

Web 2.0 is undoubtedly an exciting new avenue for internet marketing/promotion.

Social networking has takien over from the more traditional methods some of us have known for some time now.  And while we are not totally turning our backs on the past proven methods, we are however embracing these new methods that are proving to be great sources of traffic and revenue.

With a total of 16 years in the internet advertising/marketing game we have seen a lot of changes. Some of them have worked and some of them have gone  extinct. Our job is to find the new sources of traffic, keep on top of the latest methods. And advise our clients.

And to debunk the rest. There's lots of hype out there folks, be careful this can get messy!