Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is Web 2.0?

A: Web 2.0 is the natural evolution to what was started back in 1994 when the Internet first became consumer based user-friendly. As apposed to being a military then university application from the late 1960's.

Since the big Internet Bubble burst of 2000 Web 2.0 has included social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook (Myspace which is slowly fading away) to either create backlinks or to create traffic to the website you are trying to promote.

Q: What is SEO?

A: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which basically means you are curtailing your efforts to please the search engines criteria. As most searchers use a search engine to find a solution to their problem. Think questions. This is what it is most commonly being used for lately.

Q: You mentioned “Backlinks” what are they?

A: Backlinks are a systematic approach to creating links that point back to your site, the viewer can click one link to a site then discover your link(s) and then be whisked away to your site. This is crucial since you never will really know what a viewer will use to get to your site. So you have to cover all your bases.

And some search engines such as Google believes the backlinks to be more of a popularity contest rather than actual interested parties promoting their favorites sites.

Q: Will Web 2.0 ever replace SEO?

A: No, they should be used in conjunction with each other. A combination of both should be in your website marketing plans. As we have stated before, You'll never know where your traffic will be coming from so you need to cover all the bases!

We also think there will be a natural evolution to Web 2.0 after this social networking bubble bursts (which will be soon, once a few buy-outs and the slow ones die off). And we have a pretty good idea what will happen next!

Q: Do you need to be a “Guru” to do SEO & Web 2.0?

A: Certainly not and you don’t have to pay anyone either, save your money do it yourself. Read up on all of the free information that is provided on the net. Anyone can be a guru really, it just takes time.

No one person can claim to be a full Guru$, to be honest the current status of the search engines is super secret and nobody really knows. They can only speculate as to what the big three are doing at any one moment.

Q: The SEO & Web 2.0 plus backlinks combination sounds like a lot of work?

A: Yes, yes it is.. it does take time and it’s something you cannot rush, if you do then Google Spanks you. (Or slaps you or whatever the new catch phrase is this week..) You would have to submit your site to every known search engine, to all of the social networks and to all of known Do Follow Backlinks around the internet to raise above your main competition. Plus on top of that you’d have to find out what is currently doing and even the most important who your main competition is!

Q: I’ve heard talk of Domain Age for a website, does that really matter?

A: Yes and No, Yes that it does matter that the older the site is logically the more content there would be but no that it doesn’t matter that you couldn’t theoretically over take your chief competitions traffic. And become number one in your niche or field.

Doing your research is always best, finding out who your chief competition is then trying to find out how they got to be number one. There is a rule of thought being as if you're not on the first three pages of Google then you're being lost. But really that depends on the tenacity of the searcher and how much manure is between the question and solution..

Q: Why does traffic matter so much to website owners?

A: Well traffic means you are having your website exposed to a lot more readers giving you a better chance at either getting your message or sales tactics to them.

Some think: More Traffic = More sales! Which is not necessarily true. There are many factors involved in making sales. Most of which are building trust.

Q: So do you consider yourselves guru$? And if so where are your Ferrari(s)??

A: No I do not, although I have been in the Internet Marketing game since 1994.(my partner quit IM and is now doing their own thing) And having some great successes through trial and fire. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone.  Just to ourselves.

And as for our Ferrari its in the shop located in our heads getting repaired.

Q: You don't take this seriously, you seem to be joking??

A: On the contrary, we do take this very serious. But what the joke is, is how a person can claim to be a Guru$ and sell all this information when really back in the day we were all on the same playing field. You just kept flying straight and the traffic would come. Yes it was a simpler time back then but still the Search Engines penalize you for taking short cuts and some Guru$ take those short cuts but since they have Millions they can afford to have their hand slapped once and awhile.

And to be honest, we're still kept on the same playing field when we all decide to play nice with each other..

Q: Why are we giving away information for free and not charging for it?

A: We believe that if someone wants our help they'll ask, if they want us to work for them they'll ask. We don’t need to constantly ram information or dazzling terms down anyone’s throats. What goes around comes around (aka Karma) and by helping people out this may help us out. Plus its fun debunking the so called guru$ since they charge for everything.

Plus education to our clients helps us too then we can discuss a subject on the same page. Sure our clients don’t have to know exactly what to do but it does help so they understand the importance of what is being done thou and how it can benefit their business or site.

Educating yourself, getting a mentor, following people whom you trust this will help you weed out all of the bad information. A little Commons Sense goes a long way.