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The Brave New World of Web 3.0

There have been a lot of changes recently to SEO and IM in general. Even thou we are Old School IM’ers. There are a lot of “loop-holes” (which get fixed!) and other methods that are questionable and often sold as truths.

And with new technologies & methods that promise the moon and stars, but only deliver luke-warm results. The real question is which method to follow? And with all the hype surrounding product launches and new products coming out. How does one sort through it all. We will try to make sense of it all.

But  you can’t bad mouth the big boys because then you get sent to the sandbox. It is frustrating one minute they are telling you one thing, only to make a blog post retracting  it moments later. Its almost as if nobody has a clear concise method for traffic generation or even trying to make a living. “Keep’em guessing!” seems to be the motto for a few internet giants.

So, How on earth are the new to IM people supposed to make a living?

Maybe the new Web 3.0 will be a return to Marketing..  We will explore the results.

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